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NEW! Favorite Game forum badge - How to Get Yours


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We've been trying lately to make the forums a bit more personalized and fun. One of the things that we've added recently is a way for you to select your favorite game, which will show both on your posts as well as your profile page like so:

1568823904_ScreenShot2020-08-07at11_22_03PM.png.08422cce4e4c8b2bffe1c77d3d21a5ff.png   928438984_ScreenShot2020-08-07at11_22_46PM.png.f7cadf710b782f177e7416e7c685cea9.png

It's not required to fill this in, but in case you wanted to just click on your profile page and then click edit profile. You should see a dropdown box at the bottom of the list where you can select your favorite game at BC 🙂

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