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"This is so dumb and fake"..some new players might say because scouring the internet you can not find any shitcode that actually works or tells you "deactivated" at the very least.   After hours of reading forums and joining their social platforms I did find a format of bonus code BCgames calls, "shitcode" $[*#*#*#*#*#]$ ( if I am correct 》15alphanumeric characters followed by-> "]$")  the one I did find after posting a post  says deactivated..16 hours after posted.   all others do not say anything..

In my opinion, what is the point of bonus codes if they only last a few sec /min/hours.. okay this is a negative for bc game.

Moving on, they advertise free spin to win 1btc and other alt coins. If you look at image you can see all the different alt coins you can win but what you do not see is something called " Jb". What is Jb and the value?  Will cover Jb later. In short, it is in-house play money, and does have some positive benefits.  Bcgame starts new players with 100k and the "free spin" pays generally speaking daily 10k jb. What I have been told by other players is that you can win other alt coins but do need to spend/deposit.  So for faucet and freebie players, bcgame is waste of time unless you get extremely lucky, play and deposit more than a few hundred dollars. (Was told a 1k USD min deposit for tier 4 vip, which is needed for participating in several bcgame events-unconfirmed)

Okay so for depositing players with crypto coins and not new to the crypto world, Bcgame does offer a positive environment for casino entertainment fun.  The platform rewards very active players and does give out random bonuses ( from what I see must be spending and active, does not favor free players or non spenders)  You will find many MANY scammers and beggers in the chat and throut the game. They offer the ability to tip others and to make it "rain" a feature that is pretty nice to keep volatility in game active.   These features stand out from other competitors platforms.  Will continue to explore this platform and community and follow up with reviews. Before official TDV review.  But again to this point J recommend not bothering with "SHITCODE" it is a waste of time unless have no life and can monitor when mods/admins/creators idk who they are lol decide to post them briefly.


Will discuss the funny things have not figured out yet later ..such as who what is coco and where did that name come from, why Popeye is so popular in the bc forum and in bc game, and vip perks.  Another topic will be crash game and the cool script features they have and they awesome use of jb for hesitant new players

Take care & Goodluck





!e! - SneFamilyFounder

Tdv.games.dudes -qaz-reviews qaz.4.2021.bcgame

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Hey there. New user here, but I believe what you are reffering to that shitcodes only last for few seconds/hours is the fact that someone snatched it already, activated it for themselves and after that the code is invalid for others who try to use it.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

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